Monday, February 04, 2008

Changes in Birth Certificate - Day 3

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On Friday, 5 days after I submitted all the papers at the GHMC office in Tank Bund I had to go back and collect all the papers. I then had to take the collected papers to the ward office based on where my daughter was born and that happened to be at Khairatabad. This is the same place from where you collect the birth certificate. I was then told that the person in-charge of doing the birth certificates is on vacation and that it will take me 10-12 days to get the new birth certificate. I had to pay Rs. 100 as charges for the birth certificate (Rs. 60 for the correction and Rs. 40 for the new birth certificate).
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Changes in Birth Certificate - Finally got it


Anonymous said...

Seriously useful information, although I'm in Bangalore. There's a name mismatch on my son's birth certificate. For one, his name is not on it. For another, they've put my married surname in it when I officially still use my maiden name. (My family put that into the hospital records when I was admitted and that's where the govt office took the details from.) Now that I know some corrections can be done, I'm going to go try to get this changed. Thank you.

Sudeep Dsouza said...

Im just wondering how did they manage to give you a birth certificate with no childs name on it :(

Do get the corrections done immediately as the longer you wait the tougher it gets. Even though it is only 2 years since my daughter was born even after 2 weeks I have not got the changed birth certificate.

Also note that they will only make changes such as spelling mistakes and such but will not change the date of birth or the name of the child on the certificate.

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