Sunday, February 10, 2008

Tata Sky disappoints

After forwarding this rant to the customer care and the publicity email ids of Tata Sky they fixed my problem at a cost.

I have been using Tata Sky for close to a year now and have been extremely happy with their service. But then since you are paying a premium for the service when compared to cable TV operator you expect that from them. They have managed to disappoint me today.

While recharging my Tata Sky account I noticed on their website the following offer "Pay for 10 months and enjoy 12 months of TV viewing ". Well this got me quite excited as it is quite a bit of saving. So I chose the option to do this and was directed to the screen like the one below that said "Note: The annual package is available only on recharging your account on My Tata Sky for a single transaction amount of Rs. 3000 for Annual Super Saver Pack ...". Based on the above statement I topped up my Tata Sky account with Rs. 3000 to buy this package.

Once I recharged my account I came back to this option to do the rest of the steps and it takes me back to the payment gateway screen with no option to deduct the money from my Tata Sky account that I just updated with Rs. 3000.

So I call up the call center to ask them about this and they tell me that I have to pay again and that I cannot use the money in my account. What the call center executive told me is that I have to keep this Rs. 3000 in my tata sky account and pay an additional Rs. 3000 if I want to avail of this offer. This I think is highly ridiculous.

For those of you that do not use Tata Sky this is how it works - you basically have to recharge your account either through vouchers that you buy in stores or online or through direct debit from a bank account using the website. You then use their various services and they deduct money from your account.

My question to Tata Sky is why is subscribing to this annual package different from everything else that they charge for. One of the key ingredients of a quality service is being consistent with the customer and here clearly they are not consistent.

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