Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Learn to have fun

Life is fair and unfair at the same time. There are things that we like doing and then there are an equal number of things that we do not like doing that crop up at the same time. Does that mean that we only do the things we like and ignore the things that we do not like doing? Unfortunately it does not work that way.

So how does one get through this? What I have realised is that we have to enjoy what we are doing and accept the rest of it however unpleasant it may be. There is no point fighting or ignoring the stuff you do not like doing since it will always be there to bring you down. It is better to look at the brighter side of it. We would not be doing it if there was an alternative.

I was watching my 2 year old daughter make a big mess on the ground. She was on her hands and knees really messing up the place and enjoying it. I let her do this for a while and then when she got bored of it I told her that she has to clean it up. There were 2 ways I could have gone about it - been stern with her and in an angry voice scream at her and forced her to clean it up or I could have made a fun game out of cleaning it up. I chose the later - it takes a bit more effort to do but she did it.

But she was happy and I got what I wanted at the end of it. The important thing here is that she had fun while doing something that she did not like doing and that is why she did it. In the same way if we can make it fun to do something however boring or tough it may seem things will get done at the end of the day.

When you have fun you enjoy what you are doing. When you enjoy what you are doing you are motivated to do it. So look for that ray of light at the end of the tunnel in everything that you are doing however dark and gloomy it may seem for it is just not worth it to stay in the darkness all the time.


Mona said...

Well its all fun till the realisation dawns on them.

Sudeep Dsouza said...

What we need to keep in mind here is not getting the work done but to teach them to have fun in doing everything in life.

mummyjaan said...

You're right, actually. My child is small, but helps me when I clean up the house because, for us 'clean-up time' is something of a game. (As in: let's see if you can put all your toys away before I wash the dishes!)

Unfortunately, sometimes they see through you and it doesn't always work :).

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