Cricket Grounds in Hyderabad

This is a repost of the article I published on the 10th of Jan, 2008 as I have added a new ground - Lahari Resorts.

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In this post I will try and update the list of cricket grounds that i know in Hyderabad.

The grounds that I have listed till now are

  • MCH Play ground, Ameerpet
    Francis (Do not have the contact number but go to the ground and ask for him). The charges are Rs. 1100 for the ground. They do not charge for anything more. You get the ground from 9:00 AM to 4:00PM. The ground is small.
  • Welfare Center, Sanath Nagar
    Dhanraj Babu (+91 9394556356). The charges are Rs. 1100 for the ground. They charge you an additional Rs. 500 for the mat and Rs. 100 for cleaning and drawing lines and stuff. They are supposed to give you the ground from 9:00 AM to 4:00PM but what they do is that they pocket extra money from another team wanting to play and give the ground out to them for the remainder of the day assuming that you won't play for the whole day. So what happened the other day was that we started late so we were hurried into finishing the match. So start early and finish early is my advise. The ground is nice and big and you can have a proper match. For more information and pictures please read the following post Cricket Ground : Welfare Center, Sanath Nagar.
  • NFC Ground, ECIL
  • Air Force Ground 1, Begumpet
  • Air Force Ground 2, Begumpet
  • Lahari Resorts, Serilingampally
    Excellent cricket turf wicket with a lush green outfield. You can play either during the day or under lights. We played during the day from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM and it costed us Rs. 5000 for the ground. The price for the ground is steep but it is nice to play here once in a while since you have sight screens and a nice lush green outfield where you can dive. It has a nice pavillion from where you can watch the match. Photos will be available soon in another post. For more information and pictures please read the following post Cricket Ground : Lahari Resorts.


Unknown said…
Hey buddy,

Thanks a lot for the info. Any idea on contact #s. Basically we are a company team and want to play with some other teams to get some practice. The only thing stopping us is from getting play grounds at not so exorbitant rates. Any suggestions?
Anonymous said…
can u give details on the air force grounds.. i.e rate and contact details?

if possible plz mail me at
Sudeep Dsouza said…
I currently do not have any information about the contact or the rate although I have played some matches there.

You can go to the security and ask them - the last time I asked them they told us that we have to know somebody in the air force in order to get the ground. Anyway I will try and contact the person who booked the ground earlier to get you some details. In case you get some information do let me know.
vijju said…
hey thanks for the information...
Anonymous said…
Do u have the contact for MCH ground, Ameerpet?
Anonymous said…
Unfortunately this is all I know about the contacts for the cricket grounds. I will be updating the information here as and when I get any.
Anonymous said…
HI my name is bappa. Needed to know which are the best grounds to play tennis ball cricket. Also about this Airforce grounds in Begumpet is the Kedriya Vidyalya grounds or are they different grounds.
Ravi Chandran said…
Hi All,This is Ravi Chandran from VSoft,Begumpet.We are having our own corporate cricket team and those who wish to play against us, Please contact me (9959611100) or Jagdish (9701726000)
pandu said…
hey dude, thanks for this info,
its useful to me..
thanks again dude
Sudeep Dsouza said…
Your welcome. One more ground that we played on about a month ago is the Osmania University grounds. We had a corporate cricket tournament that we played there. The ground was not very great to play on but since it was a tennis ball tournament it was okay.
Anonymous said…
hey hai buddy it would be great if uuuu plsss give us the contact no: for the bemgumpet ground and the ecil ground plsss its very urgent plllllssss
Anonymous said…
Anyone wants to play a match with our team pls contact me - 9949800516 (Ashwanth)
Anonymous said…
hi this is pavan,stayin in begumpet nd i have a very good cricket team and if anyone is interested playing wid us contact 9959729407
This is amar from ZEN TECH.We are having our own corporate cricket team and those who wish to play against us, Please contact me 9440806816/9291300362
Anonymous said…
We are conducting an inter-corporate cricket tournament. If any of you are interested, pls do mail me at
Anonymous said…
Hi. This is naresh. We have a corporate team and would like to play regular matches for practice. Kindley let me know if any team is interested to play. Also i would like to know the grounds for the practice.

Give me some addresses for grounds and thier contact numbers.

We are unable to get grounds on weekends.

We prefer turf wicket.

Ph.No : 9985702403
Vinay Dadu said…
This is good info. Do anyone have information regarding any grounds near madhapur or Jubilee Hills
xxxxx said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hey Buddy, Can you help me to get a lush green cricket ground with modern facilities in Hyderabad, for a corporate cricket tournament..
Sudeep Dsouza said…
I would recommend the Lahari Resorts ground. It is lush green and it also has stands and its a nice place to play a corporate tournament.
Siddu said…
Hi Dear

The information was very helpfull and meaning full thank u
Sachin said…
To add to the list... BHEL cricket ground (near Lingampally). You get a good ground for Rs. 1000/-. Don't have any contact no. but you can go to their office and talk.
sujith said…
hi.....this is sujith... we have a good under 15 team.....we want to play some cricket matches for practise..if any team is intrested send me an email to
Satish Rayudu said…
Hey Guys, One other ground we play every weekend is in Kismatpura( Near Rajendra Nagar) Exactly 20 KM from Hi-tech city where I work. Ground charges are Rs.1400 ( inclusive of mat, Water facility ) , Breatkfast, Snacks & drinks provided at extra charge. As far as my experience is concerned its a good one to play on.
ajay said…
Hi everyone,
This is Ajay we have a team named as Patriots XI.Anyone who wish to play cricket match against us can contact me @ 9885226451.
Anonymous said…
Any team is intresteted to play the cricket matches on turf wkts ground, or looking for a cricket teams in hyderabad .
plz contact me 9949241605 (shekhar )
Bilal Azam said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
kannan said…
developing a turf cricket ground at moinabad before gurukul.... will be ready by january 15th ... 65 yards circular with lush green outfield... interested corporate teams may call me 9346239911 or mail me at
SRIPAL said…
hi guys ,i just want u to know that we have newly constructed cricket ground at ALWAL with modern specifications ....near by LOYOLA COLLEGE...TURF PITCH ,GREEN OUTFIELD ,DOUGHOUT.... first match starting from 24th december 2011...intrested people may contact US @9000406666 & 9032406666 or mail me at q
sripal said…
sripal said…
Bilal Azam said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
Bilal Azam said…
Hyderabad corporate cricket league is hosting a corporate cricket tournament starting March 3rd. Please check the link for details and leave your contact info if interested in playing
Bilal Azam said…
Please check for a list of ongoing tournaments and Cricket grounds

Hyderabad Corporate and Unofficial Cricket
Anonymous said…
Any team is intresteted to play the cricket matches on turf wkts ground with us in hyderabad .

Reach me @9618026148
kp said…
Hi guys!!this is KP,we a group of guys formed as a team..we are ready to play..looking for opponents and grace ball cricket tournaments...If any body interested in playing and any trophys pls contact 9949301555u
Bilal Azam said…
New Tournament starting on May 12th, limited spots!!!
Anonymous said…
Cyber city cricket stadium HTTP//
Naveen said…
Hello folks,
If at all is there any play grounds near Hyderabad jublie hills, peddamma temple please let me know
my mail id is:

Thanks and Regards
Anonymous said…
hi guys...i jst want to inform u...
people who are intrested in playing cricket and having difficulties in finding ground or opposite team to play...u may leave your number with me (kanth reddy 9000406666)...we will provide u ground and opposite team to play if required....and we wont charge anything extra apart from ground charges...thank u
Bilal Azam said…
Corporate cricket tournament starting on the 29th. Current league players strictly not allowed.
Open to mixed corporate teams though.
Ramji said…
Hi All,

This is Rohit Paliwal from Realpage India.We are having our own corporate cricket team and those who wish to play against us, Please contact me (9652829000) or Rahul (9849486919) or Arnab (7702872727)
Hi every one, First i would like to appreciate who makes this Blog.

We are planning to play a cricket match on 26th January 2013 near Secunderabad area .

We are looking for a good ground to play.

So guys if you know any info please forward us.

My contact number 09849600586

Vikram said…

We are 2 teams here.Looking out for 2 more teams.1 team is also welcome.Tournament is like this:incase of 3 teams(20 overs)-1 team gets a bye to the finals,other 2 teams play 20 overs aside in the to play the team who got bye.
In case of 4 teams(16 overs):1 vs 2,3 vs 4,final-winner of 1st game vs 2nd game winner.
Each team contributes rs.3500.
in case of 3 teams:winner gets 10500-ground rent-4 balls(2 matches).
In case of 4 teams:winner gets 14000-ground rent- 6 balls(3 matches).
We are 2 teams for tomm,looking out for other teams.we booked a ground at hakimpet,its a turf wicket(5500 grnd rent and each ball 190).Call me on 9848006240(vikram) if interested to take part tomm.we can take out draws for matches today late evening.
Unknown said…
My name is Majid..
anyone intrested in playing a match can contact me 8125356232..

Unknown said…
My name is BILAL..
anyone intrested in playing match can gimme a call
rcky69 said…
hi this shanavaz we have a team and keen looking for teams to play on turf if any one interested contact PH NO.9951040685
rcky69 said…
hi this shanavaz we have a team and keen looking for teams to play on turf if any one interested contact PH NO.9951040685
Bilal Azam said…
This tournament is open to mixed to corporate teams, check it out
harish said…
hi this is harish iam new to hyderabad iam a cricket player played to cricket clubs in london can i join in any of your teams thanks

hope u all have great days please post me ur number

mail me ur number @
savith desiraju said…

Our corporated cricket team is interested to play on weekends.

Interested teams can contact Vijay 9030808087 or Savith 8978728484.

Anonymous said…
Hi, This is Ajit. I wish to join any of your teams to Play Cricket. Please email me you number at

Thank you,

Ajit Kumar
Unknown said…
KLR Gardens Cricket ground, New ground with lush green outfield and bouncy Turf wicket at Balapur, RCI Road,opp Manchi School, Hyderbad Bookings now Open . Contact : 7893001122 or email :
Unknown said…
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
kannan said…
Our second cricket ground Melgiri Cricket Ground will be ready by August 10th... Interested teams and corporates can call on us at 9346239911 / 8688939911 or email at
iPLAYAT said…
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Bilal Azam said…
T20 tourney HCCL 6 - starting August 31st
24 teams, to be played at Babukhan arena and BMR
please see for details
Anonymous said…
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pradeep said…
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Its little inside Sujatha School but the ambience is extremely good to play cricket.

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pradeep said…
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adarsh said…
This comment has been removed by the author.
new cricket ground getting ready near peddamberpet@hayathnagar intrested to play at kcg contact 8297974556
adarsh said…
wish to add another one to the list above.

V.G. Rao Cricket Ground.

And up and coming ground located near motukupally village, Moinabad.

V.G. Rao Cricket Ground

Near Chilkur Balaji Temple.

~~~~~~~ 3.5k for half-day. | 6k for full day.

Contact number : 9490748264, 8374865874 (Ram Mohan Rao)
Unknown said…
Hello Friends...

Ready to play CRICKET...

Am here to provide you an opportunity to re-create the excitement with some sporting action for all you people who are working busy and Passionate about Cricket but don't know how to be part of it. We are forming a mixed-corporate team for the up-coming corporate league matches; so if you are interested/dedicated then let’s step forward to build a sporting relation by dropping a mail to will surely get back to you.
Unknown said…
Hi, We launched a cricket portal called - this will help you to organize your cricket tournament details and publish on internet. You can manage your tournament, schedules, scores, teams, players, points, news, photos, videos, etc.
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HCCL said…
HCCL 7 starting 28th December, look at the link.
Unknown said…

We are planning to start the Corporate Tournament in Feb-Mar 2014. Interested Corporate team's Can Reach on 8885588178 (Narender) or 9000400070 (Sudhir)

Unknown said…
This Is Jamsheed(ELEVENSTARZ CRICKET TEAM) From Hyderabad.We Are Having Our Own Corporate Cricket Team And Those Who Wish TO Play Against Us .Please Contact Me (9346462918),Obaid Hashmi(9391436058)
Unknown said…
Its a nice piec of information about the grounds very infromative for other poople. Apartments For Sale in Hitech City
one more new cricket ground at hayathnagar for details contact 8297974556 0r
Unknown said…
Can any any let me know whether we can book Thapar cricket ground which is located at AOC center.if possible kindle provide me contact no.
Unknown said…
hi ,this is narendra reddy from kurnool,iam a good cricket player ,iam a good allrounder,i represented
sate level,national level,university level in cricket feild ,and i copleted my mba with finance with 72%in 2012,and iam looking for the job as well as cricket ,if any company wants cricket player please contact me-09700626772, 09087778553,
give me one chance i will show my talent,and i will prove myself,.............
Plz login to KCG cricket ground

Unknown said…
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Unknown said…
Join FB group FixTheMatch to find opponents to play friendly matches.
you can post your teams availability and find other teams available @

HCCL said…
Srini - there is already a group for that, please join this instead
HCCL said…
Strictly full corporate tournament announced - HCCL RED 1
Unknown said…
Hello we have a good team.. if you want play friendly match contact 9985126699. Vinodh.
vighnesh J said…
Hi We have a corporate cricket team . we are ready to play on this weekend ,saturday morning. If anyone is interested to play with us .pls contact me @ 8712180931 or
Bilal Azam said…
Strictly full corporate tournament starting early November 2014. Please sign up if eligible

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