Saturday, June 11, 2011

Ooty once again

Having visited Ooty the last time in the rainy season with a lot of the activities not operational we decided to go back to Ooty this time in the summer. The weather was great - bright sunshine with a cool breeze blowing. We had a couple of showers in the evenings but that did not dampen any of the fun, in fact it added to the whole experience of being at a hill station. The only downside of this trip was that it was quite crowded as against the last time we went there. But again as long as we spent most of our time in a secluded resort we did not experience much of the crowds except when we went into Ooty town.

We wanted to travel by the Nilgiri mountain railway train from Mettupalayum to Ooty but this was all booked up well in advance and we tried almost 2 months before our travel date for tickets on this train. So plan well in advance if you want to experience this train ride.

We spent about an evening in Ooty town doing shopping this time and there are quite a few good things to be bought in Ooty. Top of the line is chocolates, spices and oils. There are a lot of shops selling chocolates but the most famous among them are Modern Bakery near the Botanical Gardens. There is a good selection of leather goods such as wallets, jackets, shoes and handbags available. Warm clothes are not too expensive too.

We got to do a lot of adventure sports this time such as trekking, rock climbing, horse riding, zip lining and rappelling. We did all these at the farm stay Destiny.

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