Monday, February 25, 2008

Tata sky fixes at a cost

After my earlier rant about Tata Sky which I forwarded to their customer care and publicity email ids that I got from the Internet I got a call from their customer care telling me that they can fix my problem at a cost. I was told that I would be refunded all my money but I had to pay the refund charges which worked out to about 2.5% of the refunded amount and then I can buy the new package by paying once again. Having no energy to argue with them anymore and the fact that I still save money at the end of the transaction I agreed to it. The fact that I have to pay money for no mistake of mine but a lack of a process capability on their side is something that still leaves a distaste in my mouth.

Anyway for all those planning on getting Tata Sky - their service is good compared to a lot of other service providers that I have used in India. They are professional and prompt. This is the first time I have something to complain about them.


Sunil Kosuru said...

Hey nice informative, n thnx for adding my blog to ur network, i will do the same

Anonymous said...

Hey Sudeep, it's so unfortunate that you had this experience. We recently moved from our house to a new apartment in Chennai and requested to relocate the setup. Few minutes after we placed the request, the people gave a call to fix an appointment.

Two people came first to our old house and removed the antenna and cables and took signature from us.

They said that another technician would come to our new house and fix it. We then moved the equipment ourselves and they came on the committed time.

We asked them to make use of the cables provided by the builder and they said that their rulebook says that they need to install new cables and they redid the wiring.

I was amazed to see something so organized in INDIA. India is certainly changing.

Gazal said...

it is a good service.thanks for adding me to your network.keep visiting.

Sudeep Dsouza said...

The way they did the installation in my house was something that I have never seen before. They had all the drilling equipment and the tacks needed to hold the wire close to the wall and so on. They just came in did the installation and were on their way very quickly. They showed a professionalism that is rarely seen in India.

Unknown said...


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