Thursday, January 06, 2011

Changing Education Paradigms

Deciding on the type of education for your child is a hard question. During my days of schooling there was only one type of education and that was focused on rote learning and the cane. But now the life and times are so different. The world has changed; the times are different; the different ways we are exposed to information is mind boggling.

Do we change with the times and give our children something different from what we had. During my school days there was nothing else to do other than go to school. There was no TV till I was in the 9th class. There were no computers till I was in college and there was not much activity to do as I was brought up in a small town – there were no malls, no activity centers, no zoos, no museums and frankly no parks worth going to. We went to school, did what we were told, learnt by heart what we were thought, wrote our exams, got caned if we did badly and the circle continued year after year. But in the end we all turned out fine leading comfortable lives due to the education we got.

But if we fast forward to now – I ask myself is it enough if I put my child in this same kind of education system so that she has a secure future because this system worked for me. But will it be enough? The needs in the future may be different. The tools available may be different. The skills required may be different. Following the same kind of education I had might not be enough to help her cope with the future. But the question is what kind of education will help her cope?

The video below talks about a similar problem with the current education system and is very interesting to understand the roots of the existing education system and why the author thinks that the current system will not work in preparing our kids.

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