Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Daughter's Passport : Documents

After getting the documents from the e-seva counter for Rs. 10, I had to put together the following documents to complete the application
  • An affidavit that needs to be signed by the mother and father - the proforma of this affidavit is present in the application form.
  • Birth certificate of the child. Please make sure the name of the mother and father on the birth certificate is the same as what is on their passports. If it is not you will have to go through the process described here to get it changed on the birth certificate.
  • Photo copy of the passport of the father and mother.
  • If the address on the father's passport is not the same as the address requested on the child's passport then an address proof is required. For details of the address proof refer to the back of the passport application.

Fill up the application and submit it in the passport office.

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