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How call center executives can aggravate you ?

A few days ago I was in a wonderful mood to blog and my internet connection went down - so I called up the call center. After all the introductions where I gave them my subscriber Id and told them the status of all the lights on my router and unplugging and replugging and twisting and turning that they demanded I do and the thing still didn't work I was told that an executive will visit my house. So I asked them when the executive would come and they tell me in 3 days. That had my blood boiling. A great deal of screaming and shouting had no effect - they told me point blank that their process will take 3 days and just as i was about to slam the phone down they say "Thank you for calling. Have a nice day" and that had me furious. How can they expect me to have a nice day - they just messed it up for me even more by telling me I won't have an internet connection for 3 days.

The question I have is, do these guys thing ? Why do they not put themselves in the shoes of the customer and wonder - is that what the customer will like to hear at this point of time. Instead of saying that why can't they say something like "Sorry for inconveniencing you. We will try to resolve it as soon as possible" and say bye. It's nice to say the chirpy line when the customer is happy but not when the customer is unhappy and the executives should differentiate this when they talk to a customer instead of belting canned lines that will only make the situation worse.


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