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Understanding Money

This is a beautiful article about "Money" - What Truly "Wealthy" people know about money . There are some excellent thoughts in this article and one of the aspects in that article which I want to talk about is the formula Wealth = Value Provided by Y * Number of Entities that Directly Value Y (Where Y is the product, employee or subject generating wealth). The key aspect for wealth in this formula is the value that is provided. At an organizational level or a individual level it comes down to the same thing. If you want to make money you need to have something that provides value. At an organizational level it is the value of the intellect the organization holds. If the organization does not innovate and keep ahead of the intellectual curve it will fall away and stop providing value. It is same for the individual - if the individual stops learning and stops innovating and keeps ahead of his peers in his ability to provide value then his wealth disappears.Onc

Yourschool - Create a website for a school in less than 5 minutes

Image is a product that we have conceptualized and developed. The idea is to be able to provide a school a platform to create a fully functional, interactive website in less than 5 minutes. We have achieved this by incorporating the following into the product There is no installation to be done. Just register your institution on the website. You do not need to have any technical personnel to operate the website. All you need to know is basic computer knowledge and you will be able to post content about your institution. You can use the site from anywhere 24 X 7 and update the content as it is completely on the internet. No need of high bandwidth dedicated internet connection from your institute to operate the website. Broadband connections with a minimum of 256 kbps is enough to operate the website. You can change the information published at any time by yourself thus giving you complete control over the website with no dependencies. Some of the features provided by the

Social Web - Changed for the better

A few months ago I wrote this article Social Web does not work for me . Life has changed with regards to my social networking since then for the better. Some examples include Started to tweet a lot more and people have started replying to my tweets. So there is a nice conversation going on. Met some old friends on Facebook who i lost complete touch with over the years. Met business acquaintances on Linked In and have successfully executed business with them. What has caused this change? Initially it was a challenge. My initial challenges were What do i post about ?  Why would  anyone be interested in what I wrote about ? Why is nobody responding to what I posted ? Is anybody reading what I wrote ? How do I get more friends ? But i kept posting and just writing about what I thought people would be interested in reading and slowly I gathered friends, followers and acquaintances. Then the conversations started to happen the connections started to be made and the whole thing sud

Problem solving skills

We have been on a recruitment drive for the last month or so and its been quite a frustrating experience. Our recruitment process for junior developers involves a written test, technical interview and a HR interview. We have found a lot of candidates have cleared the written test and are able to answer technical questions with regards to definitions and syntax of programming languages. They do this with ease and its a very text book like answer. If you wander into the domain of making them think by twisting a regular problem slightly they are taken completely by surprise. I think this is due to the way we are taught in India. We are very good as long as one does not deviate from the bookish suggested approach of understanding and solving anything. We are taught how to "by-heart" everything even if one does not understand it. For example, my 4 year old daughter is forced to learn Hindi poems each 4 lines long even though she does not know what the words in the poem mean. All