Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Going WiMax

After 4 years of struggling with wired broadband connections and 2 providers later we have decided to try out a wimax connection. The wimax provider is Reliance. To read more about how we came about this decision you can read more about it on my wife's blog My tryst with ISPs in Hyderabad.

Wimax as defined by wikipedia is "...a standards-based technology enabling the delivery of last mile wireless broadband access as an alternative to cable and DSL." So essentially they are going to put a receiver on top of my house which will help me connect onto the Internet by connecting wirelessly to the Reliance tower. Sounds like a dream in our wire infested cities. This is a rather new technology but it is said to provide high bandwidth at a lower cost in the long run. Currently Reliance is offering it but soon Tata Indicom (first quarter of 2009) and BSNL are also going to offer it.

Given below is the chronological account of my Going wiMax experience

Day 1 (Jan 28, 2008)

The sales guy came and collected the filled application form, Rs. 500 installation fees, copy of my PAN card and my latest telephone bill. He said that I would have the connection in 1 week - guess that is a standard line all of them are told to tell you.

Day 2 (Jan 29, 2008)

Had a call today and confirmed all the details in my filled in application form. They said that the connection will be done in a week.

Day 8 (Feb 4, 2008)

It has been more than a week and we have still not got the internet working in our house. When we called them up they said that they will come after 4. Well at 6:00 PM we gave up and they said they will come first thing in the morning.

Day 9 (Feb 5, 2008)

They came in the morning with all their equipment and started to walk around my house looking for a connection and "Alas!!!" they could not find one after trying for close to 2 hours. We were told that they have put up 47 towers in Hyderabad and that they are putting up 92 more towers and that we have to call up every month and find out if there is a tower that has come up in my area. We were also told that we will get back the Rs. 500 that we paid as installation fees only after a month.

So we are back at square one with no internet connection.


Anonymous said...

you may try out the internet connection with the Reliance USB device... or the Same from Tata Indicom... it has good tarif plans like Time Based Plans and Data based Plans too. I had been using the Reliance for the past one year and never faced a problem with them ... only once when the under sea cables were cut very recently..except tat all the time i have a pleasant usage.

Try it out....

Sudeep Dsouza said...

Thanks for the suggestion. Can you give me more details such as a website or a contact number where I can find out more about this.

Anonymous said...

Reliance NetConnect :


Tata Indicom Plug 2 Surf:


Sudeep Dsouza said...

Thanks for the information. I found there is no information on the speed given on the websites. Can you give me some idea about the connection speed that you get.

Anonymous said...

I guess the speed is at 144 Kbps

SreenivasReddy said...

VEDICA Technologies Pvt. Ltd @040-30235123, 9394441314 is providing Reliance WIMAX broadband services in Hyderabad. We are providing Internet speeds from 150Kbps to 2Mbps. Our installation success rate is very high. We provide Wimax connection in less than a week. We are targeting to provide WIMAX connection in 3 days.

It is always better to contact providers office rather than calling the marketing Executive.

Please contact for any queries at 040-30235123, 9394441314

satya.botsa said...

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Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hi friends,
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Anonymous said...

reliance wimax in hyderabad
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Anonymous said...

For an update on my dis-satisfaction with the wimax service read my blog entry Update on Reliance Wimax.

Anonymous said...

Hi Sudeep, I too faced the same problem of the reliance wimax tower signals not reaching my home.. so, I had to cancel the connection. anyways, I'm staying at Anandbagh. May I know the place you stay where the reliance wimax network did not work?

Anonymous said...

Hi.. if anyone from kukatpalli, hyderabad.. plz dont opt for tata WIMAX .. useless executive service...im fedup with them at core... i called them .. he came to me within 30 mins..he told that i will be getting connection in 1 day.. and taken my cheq and went off.. then my struggle started to catch him on phone to know the status... 20 days over no response from him or no positive response from customer care... they keep on begging me to give them last chance..fck service.. fck tata.. fck wimax..

Anonymous said...

HI dude..i am from Vidhyanagar

even i have faced a same problem after applying to TATA wi-max .

it took 30days after which they said we arent going to provide as feasibilty criteria isnt matching in your location.

Damn! it was so ackward for this WIMAX guys.

so no TATA wi-max.
Thank god i dint pay by Cash paid thru check which i cancelled in meanwhile.

beware of the cheap tricks from marketing agents.

Problogger said...

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satya.botsa said...
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satya.botsa said...

Reliance WIMAX broadband in Hyderabad@9394441314.
Reliance wimax broadband internet services are available in Hyderabad and secunderabad.
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Nagaraj said...
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Opinionist said...

I have a Tata Wimax connection....that seems to come and go.....It seems to wrk consistently with Windows XP...but with windows & it is as I described earlier...It comes and goes....Does anyone knw what might be the problem?

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