Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why don't you Blog ?

I was reading an interesting post today written by Steve Yegge titled - You Should Write Blogs . In this post Steve talks about the common reasons people give when you ask them why they don't blog
  • Reason #1: I'm too busy.
  • Reason #2: I'm afraid to put my true thoughts on public record.
  • Reason #3: Nobody will read my blog.
  • Reason #4: Blogging is narcissistic.
    narcissistic meaning : [adjective] characteristic of those having an inflated idea of their own importance
And when I ask a lot of very intelligent people around me the same question I get the very same reasons that Steve covered in his blog post. All very valid reasons, but let me give you reasons as to why you should blog.

Project the right information about yourself
In this connected world a lot of information is being put on the internet by a lot of sources. A lot of it is good and a lot more than that is bad. If for some reason someone searched for your information online, you do not want them to find information about you that you have no control over. By blogging you will be able to create a profile of yourself that is completely controlled by you and it will dwarf all the other information that is present out there that is not controlled by you.

Showcase your talents and interests
I always tell software trainees and students that they need to blog. The reason I tell them to do that is because they can showcase their talents to prospective employers in a much better manner through a blog than they can ever do through a resume. If you have a good blog with all the assignments that you have done and with details of how you completed them I am sure it will not be too hard to get a job.

Make it your notebook
Note down everything that you want to refer back to in your blog. That way you do not need to maintain any other notes and the blog makes it very easy for you to search for stuff anytime and anywhere.

Keeping this in mind I hope more and more people start blogging. Blogging is not hard and it does not take time and blog only about the things that you are comfortable with. 


Anonymous said...

Very site site layout.

dineshkumar said...

your blog is very informative....good thoughts...i liked it..keep doing:-)

Uma said...

Sudeep, totally agree with you. Want to maintain a blog - will try tp get to it soon!

By the way, I am reading your blog today after a long long time and wanted to compliment you on the posts :)

Happy new year!

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