Saturday, November 15, 2008

Notes from TiE-ISBConnect - Wrap up

Prof K Ramachandran of ISB gave a wrap up on all that we discussed during the full day session.
  • Eliminate customer dissatisfaction, always.
  • Dynamic business plan.
  • Strategy is easy, execution is tough.
  • Have detached passion.
  • VC money: Be ready to have a bumpy ride.
  • Documentation is huge.
  • Constantly build resources.
  • Resources are behind opportunities.
  • Stretch them.
  • Most critical resource is time.
  • ROTI - return on time invested. Usually a lot more effective than ROI which most people use.
  • Innovativeness is needed everywhere.
  • Working capital is life blood. Working capital should be low.
  • Compress cycle time.
  • People and system key to growth.
  • Share vision, build passion.
  • Develop and maintain networks.
  • Listen to others pick up signals.
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