Friday, November 14, 2008

Notes from TiE-ISBConnect - Amit Kishore Prasad, SatNav Technologies

Amit Kishore Prasad is the founder CEO and MD of SatNav Technologies based in Hyderabad. Amit spoke about Execution - Building a team.
  • Ensure you have bosses that the employees look up to and trust.
  • People need to repose confidence and faith in the entrepreneur.
  • Choose employees that have the willingness to learn and are willing to play multiple roles.
  • Employees who have qualifications/experience and also bring an attitude with it will create a problem. 
  • In an organization it is good to have written communication. It should be clearly outlined what is the carrot and stick when doing tasks.
  • When someone comes with a problem ask them for a solution.
  • Give feedback immediately but not publicly.
  • Weekly action plans work well
  • Retaining people
    - Involve them in the decision making process and keep them in the loop.
    - Defend your team in front of others
  • When going for VC funding be ready to answer tough questions regarding your team such as are they qualified enough, can the deliver, etc.
  • Do not hesitate to fire non-performers.
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