Sunday, November 30, 2008

Understanding the Economic Crisis

Some of the questions that have been haunting me ever since the economic crisis started are
  • What is this so called economic crisis and how it is caused?
  • What is the meaning of all the terminology that they are using such as inflation, credit crunch, etc?
  • How will the economic crisis effect us?
  • How is money created?
  • Are the governments around the world doing the right things?
  • Is there a relation between the oil prices and the current economic crisis?
  • Can the problem be solved and if it can be solved for how long will it go on?
I have been looking around for these answers and came across The Crash Course by Chris Martenson. It is divided into the following chapters and it goes on for a total of a little more than 3 hours.

  • Chapter 1: Three Beliefs (Time: 1:46)
  • Chapter 2: The Three "E"s (Time: 1:38)
  • Chapter 3: Exponential Growth (Time: 6:20)
  • Chapter 4: Compounding is the Problem (Time: 3:06)
  • Chapter 5: Growth vs. Prosperity (Time: 3:40)
  • Chapter 6: What is Money? (Time: 5:55)
  • Chapter 7: Money Creation (Time: 4:19)
  • Chapter 8: The Fed - Money Creation (Time: 7:13)
  • Chapter 9: A Brief History of US Money (Time: 7:14)
  • Chapter 10: Inflation (Time: 11:48)
  • Chapter 11: How Much Is A Trillion? (Time: 3:28)
  • Chapter 12: Debt (Time: 12:32)
  • Chapter 13: A National Failure To Save (Time: 12:06)
  • Chapter 14: Assets & Demographics (Time: 13:41)
  • Chapter 15: Bubbles (Time: 14:10)
  • Chapter 16: Fuzzy Numbers (Time: 15:52)
  • Chapter 17: PART A: Peak Oil (Time: 17:52)
  • Chapter 17: PART B: Energy Budgeting (Time: 12:15)
  • Chapter 17: PART C: Energy And The Economy (Time: 7:05)
  • Chapter 18: Environmental Data (Time: 16:22)
  • Chapter 19: Future Shock (Time: 8:02)
  • Chapter 20: What Should I Do? (Time: 19:48)
It is totally worth going through because he talks in very basic terminology and he explains things right from the basics assuming you know nothing. A lot of it is scary and unimaginable but it makes logical sense. Take the time to go through all the presentations right from the begining as it is in a very logical order and you will not be able to understand the later presentations without going through the ones in the begining.


Anonymous said...

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Dewdrop said...

Hey excellent find!!! Thanks for sharing!

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Very Informative course...... Thanks for sharing.

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