Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Incompetent ICC

With all the furore over the current test series in Australia there is one thing that is coming out very clearly and that is the incompetence of the ICC. I feel that the ICC is incompetent due to the following reasons
  • Having laws that are vague - the law regarding racial discrimination is very vague and is completely left to the interpretation of the person who is administering it.
  • With so much tension created by bad umpiring the ICC should have made sure that there was an amicable settlement to the racism issue by intervening and ensuring that it did not become the issue it is now.
  • Dragging its feet on umpires - it does not have any method where umpires have to be accountable. Right now an umpire can do how many ever mistakes they want and there is nothing that can be done to them.
  • It has hardly acted in a powerful manner as a governing body should - it has dragged its feet and let things escalate to a situation that it may be hard to come out of.

Its time the ICC woke up and made its presence felt. Changing the laws of the game will not effect the game much. Helping the game to be conducted in a fair manner where there is no bias towards any one team should be the most important act that the ICC does. It should create an environment where teams can grow and compete together in a competitive manner where there is no favouritism. If this kind of environment and level playing field is not provided then it is cricket that will be the loser. Currently the whites control the power and the Asians that control the money. If the ICC does not step in and bring about a reconciliation of the two then cricket will be the loser.

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