Monday, January 28, 2008

Changes in Birth Certificate - Day 2

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Having got all the details on day 1 - I then started collecting all the necessary documents. First to the notary to get the declaration on the Rs. 10 stamp paper. Got it done after about an hour of waiting and Rs. 120 in charges. The HUDA Maitrivanam building has a couple of notary's that can get this done for you and they also have the template on their computers. I then filled in the application and started my hunt for 2 gazetted officers to sign it. Not being too successful with people that I know I decided to go to the ESI hospital in Ameerpet and try a doctor. I went there and there were more than enough peons that were willing to help me out. Anyway for Rs. 30 more for the peon I was able to get that done.

With all the proofs and the documents in hand I went back to the GHMC office and submitted all the documents I was given a stamped receipt with a number on it and I was asked to come back on Saturday.

Some details that I gathered about birth certificates

  • A birth can be registered up to 15 years after the birth has happened.
  • Once a name has been registered it cannot be changed in the records.

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Unknown said...

Hi, I have to go abrod in the month of dec. so i need a pasport for tht i need my birth certificate and in ths i hv a splng mistk , so wht to do. I need my birth certificate veary urgent

Unknown said...

Really very nice blog ,i am also facing same issue now.though it is very a silly mistake it will cost us lot time time to rectify,so the learning is even though how much educated we are, we need to take responsibility of looking through all the documents thoroughly especially when it is something related to certificates etc...

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