Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Website for free !!!

I had an interesting comment put on my blog today which went as follows

"...you can do more with your blog spice up your blog, don't stop providing the simple blog you can provide more features like forums, polls, CMS,contact forms and many more features.Convert your blog "yourname.blogspot.com" to www.yourname.com completely free..."

The lines in bold caught my attention. As I have been setting up websites for a while and knew how to get my own domain as I already host multiple sites of my own (http://www.dsouzaweb.com/, http://www.ourspace.in/) I knew how it could be achieved. I also know that there are a lot of free resources available showing how one can achieve what ever this comment was claiming to do and if it was not there it is not too hard to develop it.

So I decided to visit their website http://www.hyperwebenable.com/ to see what is the catch. How can someone give you something for free that would cost them at least 2 dollars to register the domain. Leave alone the effort needed to get you up and running and also managing your account. So I kept reading until I found this in their FAQ

Q. Will you display any ads in the website?
Ans: Yes we will display 2 banner ads and one text link at the bottom for every web page.

And I was like there you go - that's where they will make all their money.

Well to show how unprofessional the website is I found this in their About us page - "...Lakshman – please elaborate this part that would add to what we want to convey..."

I would advise this company to get its act together before it starts spamming bloggers with its services.

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