Friday, January 25, 2008

Changes in a birth certificate

A couple of years ago I got the birth certificate for my daughter at the GHMC - Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (earlier MCH - Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad) ward office. It was a fairly simple exercise of taking the birth information document that the hospital where your child is born gives you and submitting it at the office and then collecting it a couple of days later. What I did not realise then was that in the information that in the information that I had given the hospital I left out my middle name. So today when I applied for a passport for my daughter there was a mismatch in my name in her birth certificate and my passport and so the application was rejected.

So then started a whole new ordeal of getting that rectified. So I first visited the GHMC ward office from where I picked up the certificate and asked them if I could get the change made. I was informed that they can make the change only if the change was requested immediately after application before the data is entered into the computer network. So now I had to go to the main GHMC office at Tank Bund.

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I was told to go to the 4th floor of that office and look for the Health Department and in that department to ask for the Statistical Officer (currently it is a Mr. Raj Kumar). After a bit of asking and searching in the maze I was able to find this department.

I was asked to wait for a few minutes (there were a couple of people before me for some birth certificate related queries). Finally when I meet him he asks for the following documentation
  • Fill up the application form that he gave me - its free. It has to then be signed by 2 gazetted officers with their seal.
  • Give a declaration signed by a notary on a Rs. 10 stamp paper stating the name change that is required. He will give you the content of what needs to be written.
  • Two proofs of the name that I want to be replaced. So I was asked to bring a copy of my passport and marriage certificate. Some of the other proofs are Ration card, PAN card, Voter Identity Card.

I am supposed to meet him with this documentation and he will then tell me how long it will take to get the change done.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the info - I had exact same prob- middle name messed up- your blog helped me to be prepared what to expect. For people having this issue in Bangalore/ bengalooru - approach BBMP in Utility Building (10th floor)MG Road- you need some additional documentation - affidavit with photos of paretns and the kid, attested marriage certificate, attested copy of father's 10th class certificate (passport not suffcient), letter from the hospital with correct details, original Birth certificate and a coverign letter;
guess its Andhra way of writing the name - we give surname first (as initials) followed by middle and given name- which messes up. For ex: PV Narsimha Rao - when u say P is Surname, V becomes first name; takes time to explain that V is middle name- good luck guys

Anonymous said...

I left the earlier comment - if u want reach me at

Sutikshan said...

Thanks, u have saved some days of many people.

Anonymous said...

Hi, You are so informative. Just tel me one thing, can i change my son name in birth certificate.

Anonymous said...

Any idea guys. If the birth certificate issued in some other state and now can i get it rectified in Hyderabad.

Anonymous said...

can you tell the procedure for change of addres in birth certificate.its wrong entry for the address of my parents in my birth certificate..

Anonymous said...

Dear Sudeep,
Thanks for your help. my middle name not entered in my sons birth certificate.Do you have the format for affidavit which is to be submitted.
please send to my mail

chintanskr said...
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chintanskr said...

My situation is quite complicated. My name is Chintan R Sakaria and I was born on 26th February 1993. All my school records and identity cards like DL, Aadhar, Voter ID are in the same name. I was born in Chennai and the name in my birth certificate is mentioned as Chirag R Jain. (My parents later renamed me Chintan). I need to change my name in the birth certificate for getting my passport. I am 20 year's old now and I have lost my original birth certificate, but I do have a Xerox copy of it. I currently stay in Bangalore. Could anybody guide me through the process of changing names in the birth certificate. Tell me 1) how should I change my name in the birth certificate 2) Get a new birth certificate in the changed name

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