Tuesday, August 03, 2021

A case for ANPR Cameras in residential communities

 Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are cameras that can capture and digitize vehicle number plates. We know them very well for the speed radars and that is how speeding fines are issued instantly. Ive known them to be around for 8-9 years but off late they have become affordable and more widely used with integration into resident portals. 

Once ANPR cameras are installed at all the entry gates and exit gates, the most important thing to do is to integrate it into the resident portal, so that tenants and owners can register their vehicles into the system and also they can register their visitors into the system. This way every private vehicle entering into the community can be recognized. 

What are the benefits of such a system?

  1. There is no recurring cost needed such as issuing RFID cards or tags. This reduces the cost of issuance of the access control. 
  2. Improves the safety and security as every vehicle that is entering and leaving the community is recorded and is there for ready reference at any time. 
  3. Violations with regards to parking, speeding and any other infringement can be strictly afford as you know now whose vehicle it is. 
  4. Visitors that are staying longer than they are permitted can be identified easily.
  5. Can understand the frequency of usage of the gates and deploy resources accordingly at high frequency hours. 
  6. Get knowledge about the performance of guards at the gates by analyzing the number of times they manually overrode the system to open the barrier. 
  7. Keep track of taxis entering and leaving the community with caps on how long they can stay inside the community. 
  8. Do occupancy and other demographic analysis based on the type of vehicles coming to the community analyzing such attributes such as type of vehicle, vehicle manufacturer and the number of vehicles coming in and going out.
  9. During any emergency you can filter exactly how many vehicles are there inside and make informed decisions accordingly. 
  10. Provide accurate information to law enforcement about any vehicle under surveillance.
 The two biggest players in the United Arab Emirates is SSK Technologies and Candid Camera Systems.

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