Monday, March 17, 2008

WiMax finally works for me

We applied more than a month and a half ago for a WiMax internet connection from Reliance and it finally got installed on Saturday. The technician arrived with all his equipment which consisted of a square dish, a small modem and a whole load of wire. They walked around the roof for about 10 min with the dish connected to the laptop and were able to identify the best location to place the dish from where they were able to get the optimum signal. Once they had the dish setup they took about an hour and half to get the connection setup and then finally after about 3 hours they had the WiMax working.

It has been working pretty well ever since it has been installed. Currently I have a 150 Kbps unlimited connection that gets a new IP each time I connect. I need to now change that to a new option where they provide a wireless router so that I can really blog from anywhere in my house.


Anonymous said...

How much does it cost monthly?

unlimited 150k ?
unlimited 256k ?
unlimited 512k ?

Vidhyashankar K said...

Its nice that your terrace is open for such things that you can install.

My apartment builder is a guy who spews nonsense and makes life miserable for all of us. So a WiMax connection is out of the question since I dare not install anything on the terrace.

Good that its up and running. Happy blogging!

Sudeep Dsouza said...

@Samir : You can get more details of the packages here -

I have gone for the 150 kbps unlimited prepaid package.

Anonymous said...

I can not find any mention of WiMax on the site. Also there is no search. Can you elaborate more?

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