Serious blogging obsesses you

When I started blogging I used to only write what I liked writing about, wrote articles when I had the time and then once in a while checked how many visitors I had on Google Analytics. Then I started writing a little more frequently and since I had a lot of content initially the posts came thick and fast. Along with the posts came some amount of fame (with no fortune :( unfortunately) which brought the traffic then I started getting obsessed about the number of visitors that came (checking atleast once a day), what were they reading, where did they come from, how long did they spend on my site. I then started worrying about the numbers and with that I started to wonder how do I keep the visitors longer on my site, how do I keep them engaged, how do I show them my really good posts, how do I get them new content day after day, what is it that brings them to my site and so on.

As you can see it can so easily turn from a harmless fun activity to something very obsessive bordering on addiction. The only difference between this and addiction is that when you hit this kind of a phase there are more lows than highs.

I wonder if it is the same for all the other bloggers out there. Do you just blog about what ever comes to your mind ? Do you plan what you are going to blog about ? Do you set yourself targets ?


Mj said…
I guess I am at initial stage, I have just started looking how many hits I have got, what is the page rank of my blog, do I feature in search results.... looks like it will get even more insane. My roommate is also experiencing the same... tats blog maniac..... personally i never think before i write and i don't plan anything in advance... its just spontaneous. I just feel urge to write... and tats it...
Vee said…
I think even I'm in the same phase. I keep checking the number of visitors, the referring url and the time spent by each visitor atleast once a day. I think its a phase every blogger goes through. Nice blog, keep posting :-)
Anonymous said…
No ideas, no Plans what so ever.
Mines just as random as it can be !
Nice post. Makes me Think*

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