Monday, March 03, 2008

Featuring in the newspaper

The Indiblogger meet sure seemed to have upped my popularity. It all started with a phone call from Ishita from Deccan Chronicle about my views on blogging and why I blog and after a 5 minute conversation with Mona and myself she seemed satisfied with the information that she had and before we could ask her anything more she hung up. On opening today mornings paper I was surprised to find this

Then there are blogs that will guide you about the basic things like how to apply for a passport, create a website, good places to hang out in a city, as CTO of, Sudeep D’Souza does. Sudeep’s wife, Mona, is also a serious blogger. “I have a baby product company and though we don’t use my blog to promote the company as yet, we give reviews on different baby products available in the market. We make independent comments and also invite parents to give their feedback.”

On closer examination they got my organization wrong - it should have been and I have been told that it would be corrected.


Unknown said...

First of all, Congratulations ! you are a celebrity now :-) even I await the corrigendum ;-)

Sudeep Dsouza said...

@Kiran : Thanks. The corrigendum is of no use as that site does not have an archive. So the article appears only for one day :(

Anonymous said...

Sudeep, it is good to be recognised. In India, good web publishers and bloggers must get recognition. This is where India lacks. Look in other parts of the world; Yaro Starak, Darren Rowse get so much recognition.
All the best.

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