Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Life revolves around fear

A few days ago one of my colleagues told me "Fear is a great motivator" and that got me thinking. Our life revolves around fear. From the time we are kids we are told about the "Budda-Man" who will take you away if we are not good, you won't become strong if you do not eat and many more like that. As you grow up it is the fear of exams that forces you to study and learn and then once you get into work it is the fear of reviews and appraisals that force you to work harder and put in your best.

I found this very interesting as we start with the fear of god and then move on to the fear of society to the fear of failure as an individual that keeps motivating us to give our best. There are also a lot of products that are sold to us by creating a fear some examples of this are insurance products (fear of death), dietary products (fear of becoming fat and ugly), cholesterol reducing products (fear of heart attacks) and so on. As you can see a lot of our life revolves around fear.

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