Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Understanding technology made easy

The Common Craft site explains a lot of things that people want to know about new technology by using plain English in very easy to follow videos.

Some of the videos that I liked and I think are a must watch are

Video: Web Search Strategies in Plain English  - Explains beautifully how search engines work and how you can improve your ability to find things. If you are running a website it also tells you how you can improve the chances of your website appearing on top of the heap of search results.

Video: Twitter in Plain English - If the twitter bug has not bitten you yet. Then this may get you to start sending tweets. Happy twittering after watching this.

Video: Blogs in Plain English - If you are unable to understand how I am able to publish all this content for you to read then this is the video to watch.

Video: Social Networking in Plain English - Gives you a very easy understanding of the future of meeting people and making new friends.

Video: Social Bookmarking in Plain English - If you have ever wondered how you can tell all your friends about something nice that you have read online then this is the video for you.

Video: RSS in Plain English - Are you visiting my website everyday to check for updates and leaving disappointed. Then this is the video for you that shows you how you can keep up with all your reading online.

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