Thursday, September 04, 2008

Before moving to DTH enquire about after sales

For all those that are thinking of moving from regular cable to DTH be sure to ask about the after sales service and how much they charge for it. I bought the Tata Sky DTH service about two years ago and it worked without  any issues till now. With the rains and the wear and tear on the dish the wire connecting to the dish came lose and I was getting a problem with the reception. Not understanding what the problem is I called up the Tata Sky help desk and they asked me to do a bunch of things with the set top box that did not help. The problem was still there, all it would say was "Unable to receive signal".

So I asked them to send a technician over to take a look and the first thing they told me was that it would cost me Rs. 350 for the technician to just visit my place even if he did not do anything. This I think is ridiculous for equipment that has external wiring and is bound to go through wear and tear. Some examples of similar equipment is the internet connection, telephone or even cable TV. They do not charge us (Thank God) for each time there is an issue which is mostly with the wiring.

I do not know what are the charges for the other DTH operators. So if you'll have any other DTH service other than Tata Sky do let us know what they charge so that others can make an informed choice. And in case anyone from Tata Sky reads this post I fixed the wire on the dish but each time it gets cloudy I get the "Unable to receive signal" problem.


Vidhyashankar K said...

looks like the clouds may actually be preventing the link from getting through which is not to be the case anyway.

350 is fairly high for a visit that too for something which could be fixed by any decent electrician.

thank you for sharing this information. it gives a whole new perspective to after-sales.

Unknown said...

Readers of this post will think twice now, before they opt for DTH :-)

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