Shortage of power ? Here is a solution.

With all the scheduled power outages that we are having in Hyderabad for close to four hours a day and the central government fighting for its survival over getting nuclear fuel to meet our future energy needs here is a club in London that is generating electricity out of a bouncing dance floor. Read the explanation below about how they are generating the electricity.

You can read more about this at Dancefloor generates electricity at London’s first eco-disco!

It's interesting how once upon a time all these innovative ways to generate electricity would have just been just too expensive but with the cost of traditional ways of generating electricity going up such innovative ways are not only becoming a style statement but they are becoming affordable to implement.


Anonymous said…
I was charged 300bucks for No parking :(
Indian traffic police have either become very active or they have finally realized that this can be a good money vending machine too. ;)

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