Thursday, July 03, 2008

Firefox 3.0 officially sets the world record

Firefox 3.0 has set the Guinness world record for the largest number of downloads in a 24 hour period. And for the record I was part of it :-).

To get your own certificate visit

What I find weird is that all you have to do is go and give your name and you get a certificate. So even if you did not download it, you can get a certificate stating that you did. Not good :-(. If they were planning to give these certificates I am sure they could have put some thought into only giving it to people who genuinely did download the browser and thus giving some amount of credibility to the certificate.


Anonymous said...

tcch tcch .. you must be a 'techie' .. cause you dont seem to understand the numbers game. Who cares abt. the certificate.
Its just there to make you happy.
Its the 'numbers' that firefox is after.

Anonymous said...

@businesswoman : We all know its a numbers game in the small world of browser superiority. When you call something a certificate you need to give it some sense of credibility otherwise don't call it a certificate and they could have easily achieved that with a little thought.

Unknown said...

I feel that the developers of Firefox are bothered about setting a record than getting a stable app out :-( They seem to have ignored some functionality that was in 2.0 !!

Waterfox said...

You are right Sudeep. This certificate became a joke. Anyone can have it. They should have given it at the time your download completed during those 24 hours.
And as Kiran said, FF3 is terrible! Crashes like hell.

Anonymous said...

@Abhishek : Well I have not had firefox crashing for me as of now (keeps my fingers crossed) but I really do not see too many perceivable differences in it that has really enhanced my browsing experience. For those ofyou curious to know what are the great enhancements that Firefox has you can read this article Field Guide to Firefox 3. I really did not find anything that made me go "Niceeeee....".

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