Friday, May 09, 2008

Trip to Puri, Orissa : Konark Temple

The trip from the resort to Konark was along a very scenic tree lined road along the beach. There are quite a few places from which you can see the sea along the route and I wish I was on a motorcycle on this road as the road does not have any traffic and it also very smooth with no potholes.

In Konark it is about a kilometer from where you have to get down to where the temple is located. Since it was quite hot we felt every step of this walk. The temple itself is quite well maintained but unless you are really interested in looking at stone carvings there is really not much to see other than the fact that you visited the place.

The beach itself is quite small and not very clean. You cannot go for a dip in the waters as it is not safe. So in just about 5 minutes we were bored and ready to head back. On the way back there is a picnic spot that seemed quite nice. You have to cross a river to get to a beach but I am not sure if you could get into the water here as there was no body on the beach as it was too hot.

Do not buy anything from the shops that line the street to the temple. We bought cashew nuts from there at a very cheap Rs. 100 per kilo but only the outside of the packet had nice big full cashew nuts and the inside was just pure waste which we had to throw out. You get lots of bead chains and trinkets but I would not advise anyone to buy anything from these shops.

On the whole the trip to Konark was not all that great as I am really not into history or stone carving but for those that are it is a very nice place to visit.


Anonymous said...

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workhard said...

Pictures are good, im into history especiallly ancient art, i might take a trip sometime

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