Sunday, May 04, 2008

Answering skribit entries - 1

Dear readers, Thank you for posting questions that you would like to ask me. I will try and answer them as and when there are 2 or more questions. Please continue using the skribit widget to interact with me and I would love to hear from you.

What is your most challenging aspect of blogging ?
My most challenging aspect of blogging is trying to find content that would engage my readers and that I enjoy writing about. Informational articles tend to do very well and are always among the top 10 articles on my blog. But it is not always easy to write informational articles as there is only so much information that you can give that is not already there online. I usually try writing informational articles from what happens in my real life that I think others can benefit from but then it is not everyday that I do something new and exciting to write about. So that's where my challenge lies in generating blog content. The upside to this is that it forces me to do new things in life so that I can write about it.

Do Social Bookmarking buttons bring more traffic to your site?
My personal experience is that they don't help. I am planning to take them off and just experiment with one button such as either digg or stumble it and also concentrate on only one social book marking site.

Also this article by Pro Blogger ( gives you an interesting insight that even a popular site like pro blogger gets less than 5% of his traffic from social networking sites. In my case it has been close to 0%. So other than occupying space on your blog and making your web page heavier it does not give you any tangible benefits.

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Vee said...

liked the way u wrote abt challenging aspects of blogging :)

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