Thursday, April 10, 2008

Free Local Information courtesy Google

If you have been spending money calling up Just Dial services on 24444444 to get information about local businesses in Hyderabad, you have an alternative now. Google has launched its free telephone service on the number 1 800 41 99 99 99. You call them up and you get instantly connected to their call center. You ask them for what you want and they ask you for your mobile number and then send you an SMS.

The last time I called up Just Dial they asked me for my name and if I had a business and if I was interested in listing with them and a zillion other stuff. Nothing like this with Google - just call them up and they were quick and efficient.

You can alternatively also get local information by sending them an SMS to 54664 ('5GOOG' on most devices). But you are charged for sending the SMS and you can see the charges here You can alternatively search for the information on the link given above without sending an SMS.

I checked by searching for "ameerpet pest control" on the site and I also called up the call center and asked for the information and they both gave me exactly the same places and phone numbers.

On the whole its a neat service as it is very comprehensive and I can access it on the web, sending an SMS or just calling them up.


Ashwin Alexander said...
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workhard said...

Thanks for the info, i tried just dial services to get some info for international calling cards, where i could purchase them , believe me, i barely coulld get through.

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