Friday, April 11, 2008

Buddha Statue - Hyderabad

Last weekend being a bit cloudy I went on a boat ride to the middle of the Hussain Sagar lake to see the Buddha Statue. It is quite an impressive statue and the lake having just been cleansed of all the water Hycianth was quite pleasant. Looks like my Sony Ericsson P1i did quite a decent job in capturing the statue.

You can take the boat to see the statue either from Eat Street on Necklace Road or from Lumbini Park. The cost of the ticket as of writing this post is Rs. 40. From Lumbini park you have a speed boat option. In the evenings on weekends they also have a boat which has some entertainment on board. This boat too leaves from Lumbini Park.

While at Eat Street check out the Ice Cream parlor for some unusual flavors of ice cream. The medium size portion costs a steep Rs. 110 to Rs. 130 but it is worth it for something different and nice. A once in a while treat to yourself for trying to be good :).


Ashwin Alexander said...

Did you know the statue is on an island called the Rock of Gibraltar?
I learnt that the "hard" way (bad pun,yes :)). The WhereistheRockofGibraltar question came up in a quiz I attended recently and I was stumped.:|

Anonymous said...

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