Friday, December 07, 2007

A walk down SAP Street

This morning I walked down the famous "SAP" Street (that's what it is called by most locals) in Ameerpet, Hyderabad. Below is a map of the path that I took.

This is where the software industry first started off in Hyderabad - but now it is quite infamous for all the stuff that happens here. The streets are filled with banners proclaiming to teach anyone anything from any ERP application, data warehousing, languages, testing practices, testing tools and the list goes on. Name it and you can find the training here for it. Now one may say that this is not that bad a thing to have - you are training people in technologies that will be useful to them. But that is not the case - There is no real quality training happening. These institutes also play on the minds of the impressionable - they hook them into one training course and then make them take a series of them promising them jobs and lucrative careers both in India and abroad. I have known a lot of people that have been cheated by these so called training centers.

I have heard that these training centers offer a lot more other than training. Some of the services that they offer that I have heard of are as given below.

When you are doing a course in MCA/BTech you need to do

projects - these institutes will give you complete source code with the documentation of the project.

Any certificate in showing that you are trained in anything under the sun is possible. Pay the course fee and you will get what ever you want.

If you want an experience certificate some of these training institutes have single desk organizations with a complete website that provide you experience certificates complete with background verification.

They can send you to pretty much any part of the world - just ask for it.

I have personally had two experiences with these institutes that were not too pleasant - one was where I was trained by a so called "faculty" from one of these institutes and she knew nothing about the subject that was being taught. And the second experience was where we needed to hire some developers very quickly so we thought that we can check out if any of these institutes had quality people that were being trained and hire them. You can read more about that experience here.

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I like the photos and above all the Gmap :-)

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