Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How do i tell my readers I have posted on my blog?

Continuing on my series of posts on blogging in this second part (The first part was How do i start blogging) I talk about the problem where I used to post pretty infrequently and there was no way for me to tell my readers that I had posted something new. That's when I searched around for a service that could notify them that something new got posted and I discovered the joys of RSS. To quote wikipedia "RSS makes it possible for people to keep up with their favorite web sites in an automated manner that's easier than checking them manually."

So the next question is how do I make my blog available on RSS - after a bit of searching around I found feedburner. There are a couple of things in Feedburner which I think are must haves on your blog - one is to make your website RSS friendly and the second is to add a widget that allows your readers to give their email address and whenever there is an update to your blog they will get a mail.

Now this may reduce the number of people coming to your site to check for updates but what happens is that if there are no posts for a while then the readers tend to get put off and stop coming and then there is no way of informing them that there is an update on the website. It is better to have a visitor coming occasionally when there are updates rather than stop coming at all. And if you want them to come more often then you have to post more often - it is as simple as that.

Like all google products (I know google bought it - but then its now googles) it is easy to setup and use. So there is nothing really stopping you from using it and it will only enhance your blog or website. So go ahead and use Feedburner to burn your site and make your readers happier. I will continue posting articles on blogging as and when I gain experience in developing my blog.


Anonymous said...

If you're concerned about people subscribing to your feed don't come to your website to read the blog, you can show them only part of the post (say first 500 chars). You can do this by going to Optimize tab in FeedBurner and specifying how many characters you want to be shown under "Summary Burner" option.

Sudeep Dsouza said...

This is a really good idea - give them an inkling of whats there to read and only if they are interested they will come over to the website. The only concern is if they are not interested in what you write then they will never visit your site again but then if its content that they are not interested in it will anyway drive them away.

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