Sunday, August 14, 2005

An evening out - Hussain Sagar Lake

An evening out on Hussain Sagar Lake is something that most visitors that come to Hyderabad have to experience. In this article I intend to outline as to what would be my schedule for an ideal evening by this lake.

I would like to start my evening at around 5:00 in the evening and that would be at the Lumbini Park on the banks of the lake. From here there is boating (speed boat and a launch) which provide one with magnificient views of the Buddha Statue that is located on an island in the middle of the lake. For the more adventurous para-gliding is offered. The children have ample space to play here with a jungle gym, swings and a small toy car that goes on a track around the park.

After spending a couple of hours at this park I would head for the musical fountain show that is to one side of the park. This is located in a well constructed amphi-theater but one needs to make sure that they are not sitting in direct blast from the rather large speakers that belt out desi hits to which the fountains dance. There is also a lovely laser show which walks us through the history of how Hyderabad came into being and where we are now. This show goes on for about half an hour.

From here one can then head to the NTR Gardens that is situated on the other side of the road to where Lumbini Gardens is located. This park has some very well laid out gardens and it also has a water slide that is set in a large fake tree. There is a toy train in this park and getting onto this train will pretty much give you a train eyed view of the entire park.

By now it should be about 9:00 in the night and you must be thinking of food by now. From here head to the Necklace Road to a food plaza called Eat Street that is located on the banks of the river. Here you can get pretty much all the kinds of cuisine that can be had in Hyderabad from the Hyderabadi-Indian-Chinese to the Chat and the Idlis/Dosas/Vadas combination and the ever so mouth watering Biryani. But my choice would be the chat.

One can then choose to stroll along the banks of the lake enjoying the serenity and the soothing of the cool breeze. There are lovely well maintained lawns to relax in. This is a long strech of road along the lake that connects the two cities namely Hyderabad and Secundrabad. Almost the entire strech is well developed with lovely walkways to stroll away the evening.

Some things to keep in mind when here
- Preferably avoid the place on weekends as it gets extremely crowded. There is enough room for a lot of people but if it can be avoided then that is advisable.
- There is food available at Lumbini Park and at NTR Gardens but I would try and avoid it until I get to eat street that has a much better choice of food.
- You will face a lot of beggars, hawkers, auto rickshaw drivers and if you are very lucky a eunauch. Just walk away unfazed and they will eventually leave you alone. In case of any issues there is a police station situated on the Necklace Road.

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