Saturday, April 13, 2013

10 guidelines to be a valued associate

Its appraisal time and everyone wants to be the most valued associate. But how do you become the most valued associate - here are my thoughts

  1. Creating a belief that you can meet your commitments. Given a task you will do what ever it takes to complete it in the allocated time.
  2. Take pains to ensure that the task is done with minimum defects or issues. This can be achieved by multiple practice runs or by a lot of testing.
  3. There is an eye for detail to ensure that simple things are not overlooked and there is no compromise made on quality.
  4. Shortcomings of delivering the application are noted and brought to the attention of the superior as soon as they are identified so appropriate action can be taken. Do not wait to be asked for status to bring this up. 
  5. Having the knowledge to deliver and train others so that you gain respect within the community. Should have the passion to learn new things and apply them in ones work.
  6. Documenting what is being done so that anyone else can take over and continue if you have to ever leave the task mid way.
  7. Being open minded and inclusive in discussions and meetings.
  8. Having good communication skills both written and oral. They should have the ability to write well written emails or be able to hold a discussion comfortably with clients and fellow associates in the organization.
  9. Being able to admit ones faults and shortcomings and put action plans in place to rectify them.
  10. Not being afraid to challenge the norm and work on actionable points to improve the organization.
With inputs from Vidhyashankar Kannan - you can read his blog here

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