Friday, February 01, 2013

10 Reasons to join

Inforica in collaboration with Mindq Systems launced is a website that is going to cater to the needs of the student community. Here are 10 reasons why every graduating student that is preparing for a job or for higher studies has to join
  1. Browse the job board for up to date job information that is curated and posted. 
  2. Create a professional looking profile by using the Resume Builder. Once your profile is ready share it as a standalone URL to everyone and then track who has viewed the profile.
  3. Use the online material to prepare in various topics such as Quantitative, Logical, Programming languages and so on.
  4. Take tests in different topics and see how prepared you are in terms of speed of answering questions and also accuracy. 
  5. Connect with others through the discussion board and discuss common topics.
  6. Find solutions to common programming problems in different programming languages. Many technical interviews involve answering programming logic problems and this can help you build up that logical capability.
  7. Evaluate your typing speed on the website and improve on it which shows proficiency with computers.
  8. Get access to professionals to review your profile and ensure that it is written in a professional manner. 
  9. Access to downloads such as sample resumes and programming problems for you to try out. 
  10. Take sample tests of competitive exams. The IBPS bank exam and more exams are coming soon.

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