Friday, January 04, 2013

Windows 8 : Hibernate Vs Sleep

By default the Windows 8 operating system does not come with the hibernate option. When you close the lid the computer sleeps by default. This is how I left my system for the first couple of days but what I quickly realized that even though I was doing nothing - my computer was just sleeping and so was I, my battery would be drained by morning. There would be absolutely no charge left by the time I put on the laptop in the morning. 

Thankfully Microsoft has not removed the hibernate option in Windows 8 - you just have to search for it under the many menus and you will find it or just follow the steps in this article and you will be there in a minute -

The option to find the menu to hibernate is quite hidden and a pain to do each time so what I have done is configured the sleep button to hibernate. Now I have no issues with my battery and my laptop does not feel like a heater each time I put it on. The hibernate option is much improved in Windows 8 and my laptop is able to hibernate in less than 10 seconds.


Unknown said...

Now the hibernate option is disabled by default or why even doing that, I can't find it?

Sudeep Dsouza said...

Yes the option does not come by default. Follow the instructions in the link in my blog post and you will get the hibernate option.

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