Saturday, July 21, 2012

SWHYD - 2 : 54 hours of blended productivity

From winner at the last Startup Weekend at Hyderabad, to volunteer at Startup Weekend at Mumbai to Organizer at Startup Weekend at Hyderabad in the second edition - I have in the sense been through the process of moving from the front to the back of Startup Weekend over the last 1 year and what an amazing journey it has been. The experience as a participant is of complete focus on achieving the goal of building something over the weekend, molded into shape by talking to the mentors and having it validated through market surveys and interviews. As a volunteer there is so much to learn in organizing an event and understanding all the nuts and bolts that go into putting together this weekend of learning an fun.

Being an organizer makes it all so worthwhile to have so many different individuals come together over a weekend and build bonds that last a lifetime and probably even create products that may go on to become the next big company. The quality of the learning through action over a weekend is unsurpassed so far for me.

Startup Weekend is such a melting pot of talent enriched with a lot of mentorship and guidance which never fails to bring out the best in people to create an amazing amount of productivity over 54 hours. The energy is focused, the goals are set and everyone is at their imaginative best all through the weekend.

This video very beautifully illustrates the awesomeness of the weekend at Hyderabad

Thank you judges, mentors, speakers, volunteers, participants and finally my fellow organizers for the awesome event and can't wait for the next Startup Weekend Hyderabad event. Stay tuned we will be coming out with the dates soon and I hope to see you all there building a startup over a weekend.

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vishnu chaitanya Mandalapu said...

I will also try to join the next event of this kind Sir..:) :)

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