Motivation at the workplace

IT companies have a reputation of paying very well but they still suffer from very high attrition. Why is that so? I was watching some videos on youtube and came across the one below that validates my thoughts. Motivating employees is not just about paying them well...


SD said…
I'm back here after many days, and found you've changed your template. This is good, but the previous one was more better. But now you've adopted this new template from the blogger's collection, I think its a good decision. But yes you are not blogging much!

Your blog inspired me a lot......

I've not yet come out with my personal or blog dedicated to my hobbies. But have come out with a special blog on a domain where I'm not expert - its related to pharma and biological research.

Recently Indian Govt. has banned certain medicines, one of them is banning of Human Placenta Extract & its formulations. Decision of banning human placental extract products is debatable.

So, I come out with my first blog on this subject (issue). Have a look at:
The importance of motivation and how it can have a direct effect on our business performance?
I think companies also look at personality traits of IT Personnel prior to hiring. Aside from technical skills, personal skills such as motivation do count.

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