Sunday, October 17, 2010

Social Web - Changed for the better

A few months ago I wrote this article Social Web does not work for me. Life has changed with regards to my social networking since then for the better. Some examples include
  1. Started to tweet a lot more and people have started replying to my tweets. So there is a nice conversation going on.
  2. Met some old friends on Facebook who i lost complete touch with over the years.
  3. Met business acquaintances on Linked In and have successfully executed business with them.
What has caused this change? Initially it was a challenge. My initial challenges were
  1. What do i post about ? 
  2. Why would  anyone be interested in what I wrote about ?
  3. Why is nobody responding to what I posted ?
  4. Is anybody reading what I wrote ?
  5. How do I get more friends ?
But i kept posting and just writing about what I thought people would be interested in reading and slowly I gathered friends, followers and acquaintances. Then the conversations started to happen the connections started to be made and the whole thing suddenly started to turn around.

What did I learn in my journey on the social web ?
  1. Be careful about what you post. Think about what would your friends and followers would be interested in.
  2. Try to make sense of what you are posting each time as not everyone may be part of the conversation you are having from the beginning.
  3. Do not accept every friend request that you get - it becomes unmanageable very quickly.
  4. You will find your friends and your friends will find you eventually - do not spend hours and hours seeking them out.
  5. Try to make what you post sound relevant - do not just post anything that comes your way.
  6. Have fun, do not look at it as if it is a job to do.
  7. Its nice to have the social media applications readily accessible like on the mobile phone - you never know where you might get a thought you want to post about. Once the moment passes its hard to recreate that thought.
  8. Do not get discouraged by the initial lack of response. Unless you have posted something the application will not have enough to let your friends find you.
  9. Do not post about anything you will not say in public.
  10. Always keep reviewing what you have posted from time to time and delete stuff from your time line that do not sound relevant or meaningful.


Vidhyashankar K said...

Very nice post. I'm regularly showing this post to new bloggers or people who ask what to or what not to put on their blogs.

Sudeep Dsouza said...

Its a common question i get. Earlier it was only what do i write on blogs but now its like what do i write on twitter, facebook and linked-in too.

But I guess the most important point is if you are not comfortable saying it in person do not put it on any of these sites.

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