Being passionate Vs Making money

Over the last few days I have been having interesting discussions with my friends on being passionate in what we do versus having focus on the money aspect while doing things. Here are my thoughts on the same.
I belive that one needs to be passionate about what one does. There should be an excitement while thinking about what one is doing. What this does to the person is that it makes them enjoy what they are doing and it also ensures that they feel responsible for what they are doing. This automatically leads to a better product and a more caring service. This all sounds so wonderful but there is a downside to this just having passion and doing things may not result in short term monetary rewards but almost always there are long term monetary rewards if the person sticks to their passion right through the ups and the downs. Also during this time the person is enjoying what they are doing and this keeps them motivated and happy.

On the other hand if a person is doing a job only for the monetary aspect of it then this makes it very hard. There are always ups and downs in the monetary side of things. If there is no other motivation other than money in doing a job then the person will find it very hard to navigate through the downs. The downs are inevitable - one cannot try to escape them. Its just inherrent in the monetary cycle. Money also tends to make the person lose focus on the quality aspect of the product and the service. This in turn finally effects the long term monetary gain expected from offering the product or the service.

Its important to have passion in what one does with a focus on ensuring long term monetary gains. Focussing on short term monetary gains and compromising on the passion never works. Having passion while doing things eventually gets noticed and will be rewarded.


Unknown said…
Great.. may be I have to include a post saying "Talent vs Attitude vs Passion" ;-)
Sudeep Dsouza said…
You should write a post on Talent Vs Attitude Vs Passion. When you do let me know and i will link it up from here as a continuation to this post.
Sorcerer said…
There is this theory I believe in..
its that "Do what you do best and the money follows."

nice writeup.
Anjani said…
I think you will like reading the book "What should I do with my life" by Po Bronson.
Vidhyashankar K said…
True, when the hobby becomes your life, the financial rewards follow. But one has to be wary of the fact that unless you're the very very best there is, the competition can kill you since there will always be equally or more passionate people doing the same thing. The trick perhaps is to find the differentiating factor.
Silvia said…
I believe passion and patience and to be aware of all the knwoledge that we gain during the road to success is the key to keep going and money is your relief.

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