Monday, June 01, 2009

Bing Vs Wave

Or otherwise Microsoft Vs Google. Its becoming an interesting battle between these two giants on the web front and this is my naive initial take after using/seeing demos of these web apps.

Bing. It starts off on the back foot with the name But Its Not Google. Its already comparing itself. Its not diffrentiating itself as something new and exciting which is going to change our lives. Why do we need another search engine that looks similar? Why do we need something to fix something that isn't broken? Although in the initial press release they claimed it can do a lot of things I have not been able to see any of it in action like finding the cheapest tickets and so on. Microsoft claims it to be a decision engine as against a search engine. How can it be a decision engine when I'm the one making all the decisions starting from what to search. For that matter wolfram alpha is a lot more exciting and addictive than Bing.

Wave. After watching the keynote video of Google Wave I could not help but say WOW its just great what this app can do on the web. Google manages to push the boundaries of what one can do with the browser whether it is with the maps, or mail, or photos, or the zillion other things that they do. Its about bringing great technology to the general public to make their lives easier and more exciting. But how is this going to make money for Google? How is it benefiting Google ? Will it make things more complex rather than easier ? Will it start to create more spam and thrash on the web? These are questions that will be answered in time. But for now it is an exciting Wave for developers. It is just so interesting how the boundaries of the internet are being pushed and I am excited to be part of the wave and you can be sure I will be on it as soon as it is released. If you want to ride the wave along with me register for an invite.

Microsoft just proved itself to be a copy cat once again. Google proved itself to be an innovator yet again. Microsoft always manages to copy and then become more popular by hook or by crook. They plan to pump in 100 million dollars into the advertising of this search engine (sorry decision engine). Is google just too smart for Microsoft ? Does Google innovate just too fast for Microsoft to keep up ? All I can say is that this competition is only making things better and more exciting and lets hope it goes on for a long long time.

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search engine optimisation australia said...

Looking back, Bing won as google shelved wave. Though google has been making waves with circles, but still no match to the Bing-Facebook alliance.

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