Amazing Google

I got a call about 10 min ago informing me about police firing in Hyderabad. I quickly scanned all the usual news websites and did not find any information. So I decided to do a Google search to see what results it would return and I was truly amazed at what I got.
What is amazing is

  • It had what I was looking for on the first page of the search results
  • It was able to report something that was first posted approximately 45 min before I did the search. (Wed Dec 3 03:03 PM). It managed to mine this information from the page knowing that it would be relevant to me.
  • It even tells me how long before it indexed the page (7 min before I did the search) to show how recent the information is.
It is amazing how they got all this information on the search result to help me determine which is the most appropriate answer to my query. It is just amazing how Google manages to deliver exactly what someone needs over and over again and I totally buy into the notion that search is the new navigation method. So if you think your sites navigation sucks incorporate Google custom search into your site and I am sure you will give your users the experience that they want.


yaaa true.. sometimes i also wonder abt google... its a amezing site providing A to Z info....
Anonymous said…
very impressive blog, i m sure thats why most people have google as their homepage. nice write up buddy
Anonymous said…
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lawyer seo said…
They wouldn't be a multi-billion dollar company if they weren't consistent in delivering high quality results. Has anyone else noticed that "Google" has replaced the word "internet search?"
Melissa said…
Google has been a reliable search engine and the top at that. I just hope that they would continue to do what they do without damaging other things. I noticed that some white label seo providers are having a hard time with some of the latest Google updates.

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