Monday, June 30, 2008

Update on Reliance Wimax

Of late I have seen a lot of third party providers of Reliance Wimax connections in Hyderabad posting their phone number on my blog entry Going WiMax. The wimax connection really did not work out for me for the following reasons
  1. It just took a lot of time to get a connection each time I wanted one. It would sit for ages in trying to acquire network address.
  2. The speed was decent but nothing like the 2 mbps link that Airtel currently gives me.
  3. It was not really reliable. It would get cut of for no reason what-so-ever.
On the whole my experience has not been good at all with the wi-max connection and had it disconnected. I now use Airtel which is completely underground in my area and the service that they offer is quite exceptional. Speed is good and I have not experienced any downtime in the last 1 month that I have been using it.


Anonymous said...

I also tried Reliance WiMax but they didn't even call me after 2 calls from me. that was enough to turn me off and so I gave up. Sad story. Wireless broadband has such potential but they aren't utilizing it.

I live in Bajara Hills. What package do you have on airtel? can you tell me any package which has only bb and no voice? I don't need voice services as such.

I have hathway. they are ok but speed v/s tariff is not good.

Anonymous said...

You can go to the following website and check out the schemes that airtel offer -

I have taken the 699 combo pack and the phone is just a bonus as i dont use it anyway but it is nice as a backup at home. A friend of mine just took up an airtel connection in Banjara Hills and he is extremely happy with it.

I have used Hathway but the speed that they offer is very bad even though they promise you very high speeds. It was worse than dial up at times.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the details!

Vidhyashankar K said...

Yes indeed! This friend of yours is indeed very happy with his 777 connection at Banjara Hills.

The airtel reps were professional, quick and gave me the connection in exactly 3 promised days.

The speed is great and on almost every occasion of testing, I got speeds of over 1.3 mbps. that's faster than my needs.

The phone clarity too is excellent.

Anonymous said...

A few searches would have lead you to

I have already quoted the same that Reliance WiMax is just being churned out to dispose not the net connections in an appraisable manner but to just clog the users with crap.

Anonymous said...

After my experience with Reliance WiMax I did find a lot of other people having similar problems with the service.

The funny thing is that even to disconnect a connection is an issue with Reliance Wimax. Repeated calls were needed for someone to come and pick up the equipment and then the guy asks me for money to take off the equipment saying that he was doing me a service by coming and picking it up and that I had to take out the equipment myself and give it in their service center. I found him hilarious.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...



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Anonymous said...

I am using Reliance wimax connection quite a long time. Suddenly one day I found that the Wimax Anteena is missing from my terrace. I called customer care to inform, but they said cant help in such cases.
Can anyone please tell me what can be done in such case?

workhard said...

i think i am going to go for airtel, i ve been using the beam cable connection and it is just horrible.

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