Thursday, June 19, 2008

Firefox 3 and ScribeFire

Its been a while since I blogged having not got the time and the inspiration for something different to write about. Yesterday wanting to be part of the world record for the largest number of downloads in a single day I downloaded and installed Firefox 3 and then I heard so much about ScribeFire and so I decided to download and install that add-in for Firefox.

From what I have experienced so far with ScribeFire it is quite wonderful. The biggest advantage of it is that it sits directly in your firefox browser and so when ever you feel like blogging you just press F8 and it displays a nice rich text area to write your thoughts in and click on the publish button and you are done. You do not need to log into your blogger account or you don't need to open another application just to say something. Since it makes it easy to blog you just feel like blogging when ever you get a thought. It has a ton of other features that I have not yet explored.

For all those that use Firefox go ahead and try the add-on I am sure it will help you blog more.


Unknown said...

Thanks for the info :-)

Firefox 3 is relatively faster than it predecessor versions and fortunately most of the plugins that I use regularly are still supported in Firefox 3 (some have got interesting enhancements too :-))

Anonymous said...

I have been having trouble with Scribe Fire always. Somehow even after configuring the add on and also providing the API key the posts do not get published in my Wordpress Blog. I did not have the problem with the Blogspot blog which I no more use.

You could probably post something explaining how you configured Scribe Fire to work with your blog.

Anonymous said...

@aalasanthosh : Unfortunately I use scribefire with my blogger blog and it seems to work fine which is the same experience that you have.

If I do come across someone who uses scribefire with their wordpress blog I will let you know.

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