Friday, March 16, 2007

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Digital Inspiration
Amit is a batch mate of mine from ADP in Hyderabad and it is amazing to see what he has done. In his blog he talks about various ideas and products related to the digital space that anyone can use.

I wrote my first guest post for Problogger and it kind of gave me the break into the blogging world. There is a lot one can learn from this blog if you intend to take up blogging seriously. If you plan to make money out of blogging then you should devote a lot of time reading the articles in this blog.

Baby Accessories Opinions
Mona in this blog showcases all the baby products that are available in India. She talks about their cost and her experience in using the product.

Blogs of colleagues and Friends
Kiran Banda
The Live Web

Links to my blog
Aala Santhosh Reddy

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