Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why write a blog ?

I have been reading a lot of blogs of late and I have two questions - why do people write blogs and why do people read others blogs.

Some of my thoughts on this is that a blog closely resembles a public diary of the individual - the individuals thoughts and actions. And why do people write blogs is maybe because they want to capture images of their life and their thoughts in words. Sounds very logical to me and that is exactly what i want to do. I just want to capture some of my views on things and just be able to collect them in one single place.

Why do people read blogs - I have no idea. Why do I read blogs ? Some of the titles that the blogs have interest me or pique my interest and then I go in and read a few pages - do I go and read every page the user has written - well I have read only one bloggers every single page and the reason is that he writes things that are very practical and you can learn a lot from his thoughts and actions.

In case anyone happens to read my blog well post all your thoughts on why do you read blogs or why do you write blogs I would love to learn about this.

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Muralidhar Chennoju said...

Reading something means, learning something new from others. Man learns manythings from society,nature, parents, kids and so on. Life itself is a learning process it doesn't matter in which age you are. Its nice to have a such a place to share our feelings.

Keep going.

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